Customized development for business

We'll help you manage your data and your personalized infrastructure.


Certified WOSB

Brainpan Inc. brings diversity to problem solving. We don't just think outside the box, we stand on it to reach higher.

Rapid development

Agile software development that values working software and responding to needs over adherance to rigid protocols.

Customer Collaboration

We work closely with customers to understand their business and weave software solutions into their existing process, minimizing disruption to business.

Data Management

Sophisticated views of data management that allow for distilling complex data into understandable information for decision making.


Interact with your data wherever you are. Use any computer, phone, or tablet - anywhere, any time.

Modular Construction

Keep your data separate from your tools. When a new, better, faster way of interacting with your data is developed you are not tied to one type of technology. Our approach keeps you free to upgrade at any time.

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